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Rebates & Finance


Small-scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, are a tradable commodity attached to eligible installations of renewable energy systems (including solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pumps). Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) eligible solar panel systems are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs). This is based on the estimated amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) the system generates over the course of its lifetime. Think of an STC as currency where one megawatt hour of power equals one STC. In addition, your system may be eligible for Solar Credits which multiplies the number of STCs the system can receive. Each of our solar systems has an STC value depending on how much power it generates. This value is what determines your point of sale discount

Solar Victoria Offers

Currently Solar Victoria have rebate offers for new solar installation onto residential properties as well as rental properties. The rebate is up to $1400 which is removed from the final installation price once your eligibility has been approved.

Solar Victoria are also offering an interest free loan of up to $1400. This is to be paid back over a maximum period of 4 years.


Also available to residential customer is a solar battery interest free loan of up to $8800.

Monthly allocations for the rebate/loan program are limited and often fill quickly.

Contact us to discuss the options and the application requirements for these offers.

Finance Options

We understand that installing solar can be a big financial commitment. If you require additional finance for your solar system installation for both residential and commercial systems we can assist you with finding a suitable solution. We always look to find the best value finance options for our clients. If you are interested in finance for your solar installation contact us and we can discuss the options.

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